Derma-B5x: Five Times The Honey Power

Erika Felix

Both science and ancient medicine reveal that perfect skincare products don't come from the store… they comes from bees, specifically from bees and flowers in New Zealand. In recent months, a large buzz has generated over the use of honey in skincare products. But we went one step even further!

All of our products are enriched with Derma B5x, which is a proprietary blend of 5 scientifically advanced, natural bee-produced ingredients that transform the appearance of dry, aging skin. Not sure what it is or what it does then continue reading to find out more. Then after find out how HoneyLab skincare products can benefit your skin for a glowing, ageless complexion. 


Derma-B5x™ Component

What It Ts

What It Does

300+ MGO Manuka Honey

Nourishing New Zealand-derived Manuka Honey is used in some hospitals to heal untreatable wounds.

Ultra-soothing powerhouse shrinks the appearance of bumps and blemishes and rapidly soothes skin redness.


Super-nutritious blend of resin, essential oils, beeswax and nectar is used by bees to protect their hives from outside bacteria and viruses.

Applied to the skin, it has a profound soothing ability. Propolis calms reactive skin types and promotes healthy renewal.


Incredibly moisturizing, occlusive agent binds water to skin.

Locks in moisture so skin feels soft, supple and hydrated. Improves the look of uneven skin tones.

Pure Honey

Intensely soothing raw honey extracts

Supports healthy collagen levels for a plump, youthful looking complexion.

Royal Jelly

Worker bees produce this superfood to nourish the queen bee.

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Improves skin texture and visible firmness.

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